Demand the White House stop wasting resources defending Trump’s OBVIOUS LIES. Work to save lives!

“We’ll be there [testing 5 million people per day] very soon.”
– Donald Trump April 28, 2020

“I didn’t say it. I mean I didn’t say it. Somebody came out with a report saying 5 million. It sounds like a lot… I didn’t say it.”
– Donald Trump April 29, 2020

This is President Trump on consecutive days swearing on camera that he never said the thing he had said on camera only the day before.

The problem isn’t just that Trump is a liar. We knew that. The national humiliation has gone on for more than three years and is in no way new.

The problem is that every time one of these egregious fallacies escapes his lips we must endure another day of the White House apparatus squandering time and resources pretending that he didn’t say what he said or that he was being sarcastic.

Time and resources that could and should be spent saving lives.

We can’t wait any longer. Demand senior officials do what needs to be done — not to protect the president’s fragile ego — to save lives. Add your name to demand White House officials stop Trump from wasting time and resources defending Trump’s obvious lies!


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