Demand Trump stop covering up the truth and science of the outbreak!

From the earliest days of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, President Trump has been willfully dismissive and brazenly ignorant of the most basic facts surrounding the growing medical emergency. Now a full-blown pandemic, the COVID-19 disease is beginning to wreak serious – and in some cases, fatal – havoc on American lives, a situation exacerbated by the Trump administration’s lack of preparedness, astonishing ineptitude, and fundamental disregard of simple science.

On a recent call to Sean Hannity broadcast live on Fox News, Trump cast doubt on the factual figures released by his own administration’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC). His source? A hunch. His own hunch. Earlier in the week he opined that the whole thing would just miraculously go away one day.

And in a troubling, eerily autocratic move, he recently ordered the muzzling of American health officials, demanding all public messaging on COVID-19 be handled by the virulently anti-science vice president, Mike Pence.

The president’s interference of a disease that his killed thousands is jeopardizing the lives of millions and must come to an end.

We need consistent, cogent, fact-based messaging from the actual experts on the ground, not musings from a president impervious to reality. Demand Trump stop concealing facts regarding the coronavirus pandemic and level with the American people.


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