Demand Pence be replaced as head of America’s pandemic response with someone who BELIEVES IN SCIENCE!

We already knew that Mike Pence had an aversion to science and absolutely no business leading a national response to a global pandemic. Then he made things worse.

The day after Google debunked President Trump’s claim that “Google is helping to develop a website that’s going to be very quickly done,” the Vice President was asked about the exposed falsehood.

Instead of acknowledging the obvious error by the president, Pence doubled down choosing to defend Trump’s indefensible lies rather than acknowledge the truth. 

“The objective here is to have a website up very quickly,” Pence lied. “We’re working 24/7 on this.”

If they announce something at all, it’s clearly because they are scrambling to save face, not because they are working toward safeguarding the public health. And this is not a simple matter of political gamesmanship. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, and disinformation can get people killed. That’s not hyperbole. It’s a fact.

That the Vice President would disregard public safety to defend his boss is inexcusable — especially since he is the ostensible leader of our nation’s response.

Enough is enough. Demand Mike Pence step down as head of America’s COVID-19 response and let a real medical professional — or at least someone with a shred of integrity take over.

Lives depend on it.


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