Tell the Senate: Stop Trump’s dictatorial scheme to adjourn Congress so he can lead unilaterally!

For three years, Donald Trump has used the White House to enrich his family and reward his cronies at the expense of the American public. With the help of Mitch McConnell and his Republican enablers in Congress, he has evaded even the most basic oversight and accountability.

Apparently, that isn’t enough.

On April 15, Trump declared that he would consider adjourning the Senate in order to force through a crop of extreme right wing corporate cronies into government positions they have no qualifications for.

This is more than an outrage. It’s un-American, unprecedented, and an absolute disgrace during a once-in-a-century global crisis. To get away with this tyrannical power play, Trump would need the consent of every member of the Senate (though he may not understand that), and it is absolutely crucial that they refuse.

Add your name to demand the Senate reject Trump’s dangerous power grab.

Only a minority of the country voted for him to be president, and NOBODY voted for him to be dictator!


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