Tell Republicans to stop defending Trump by repeating Putin’s dangerous propaganda!

During President Trump’s impeachment trial, Republicans in Congress were so shameless in repeating the propaganda and conspiracy theories of Vladimir Putin, that the Russian dictator actually expressed thanks to the GOP for spreading his propaganda. It was a disgraceful chapter in American history and one every American should hope would never be repeated.

Turns out Republicans were just getting started.

Republicans have begun repeating Russian talking points to sow discord among Democrats in a deeply cynical, possibly illegal, and definitely un-American ploy to try to win the 2020 election. The complicity with Russia’s murderous tyrant is a clear threat to American interests and emboldens the very adversary that attacked our democracy in 2016 and is doing the same today.

We must insist that our elected officials stop playing politics with a very real constitutional crisis. We have a rogue presidency hopelessly careening off the rails; now is the time for Congress to rise to the occasion.

Demand Republicans stop harming U.S. interests and repeating dangerous Putin propaganda for short-term political gain.


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