Demand Trump stop inciting hate with his racist “China virus” — NOW

Trump and the Republicans are panicked right now after their corruption and incompetence were exposed by their sometimes deliberately inept response to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the globe. To try to escape accountability, Trump and his goons are leaning on their favorite scapegoat: racism.

Once it became clear that coronavirus was not going to go away and Trump’s actions (and inaction) had made things significantly worse, the Republican Party defied medical experts, logic, and basic decency and began referring to COVID-19 as “China virus.”

This is nothing more than a vicious attempt to try to distract from their own futility and short-sightedness with dishonest bigoted branding. Just like calling Mexicans rapists, Trump is now defaming an entire population in a base attempt to mask his own ample short comings.

We must refuse to stand for it! Add your name to demand Trump and his congressional enablers immediately stop sowing racist divisions with their bigoted and dishonest nicknames.  

It’s time to address this public crisis — not distract from it with racism!


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