Demand Trump’s inept son-in-law be removed from the coronavirus response team!

“The federal stockpile is supposed to be our stockpile. It’s not supposed to be states stockpiles that they then use.”

Those are the barely coherent words of Donald Trump’s son-in-law explaining why the Trump administration is letting Americans die rather than do more to help states combat the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Why was Kushner tasked with giving the explanation? Because the 39 year-old slum lord was placed in charge of the federal pandemic response supply chain despite having zero qualifications for the job other than marrying the president’s daughter.

It’s not just that Kushner is incompetent, though he is. It’s not just that he is corrupt and profiting off the pandemic, though he is. It’s even only that his job, were it in even modestly capable hands, would save lives — though it definitely, definitely would. It’s that in the Trump regime, his idiotic claims have the weight of official government policy.

Within just a few hours of Kushner’s statement that strategic reserves are somehow for the country but not the states, the nation’s official stockpile website was edited to reflect Kushner’s contradictory claim.

This has the effect of making a horrendous response even worse several times over. In other words, Kushner’s place on the response team is getting people killed. We must refuse to tolerate it.

Add your name to demand Jared Kushner be removed for America’s coronavirus response team immediately!


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