Demand Republicans acknowledge that Black lives matter

Imagine being so insecure that you’re not even able to say that Black lives matter – JUST MATTER – without qualifying it. This is Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell pushing Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz to put on full display where he and his party stand on the issue of race in this country. 

Because after hundreds of thousands of Americans of all races have taken to the streets, after localities have moved to swiftly enact police reforms, after support for Black Lives Matter has surged to unprecedented levels, the fact that Republicans can’t even bring themselves to utter the words “Black lives matter” tells you everything you need to know. 

Add your name to demand Republicans acknowledge that Black lives matter. Those words – that phrase – no qualifications.

Gaetz is still deferring to the same tired arguments that conservatives propped up years ago to save themselves from having to acknowledge the HUMANITY of Black people. The vast majority of this country no longer buys the excuse that saying “Black lives matter” means white ones or any other lives don’t. It is simply in direct response to police brutality and acknowledges that basic truth that Black ones do.  

It’s beyond time Republicans owned up to this.

Sign here to demand Republicans publicly acknowledge Black lives matter without any addendum.


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