Demand the resignation Louis DeJoy, the stooge Trump appointed to kill the post office!

Trump installed Louis DeJoy as Postmaster General of USPS for one reason: to cripple our national mail service in order to steal the November election. Bonus points for paving the way for the privatization of this public program.

And DeJoy has been terrifyingly successful in his first two months in the position, instituting sweeping procedural changes that have slowed down delivery times, shortened operational hours, and even threatened to close locations in the name of cost-cutting. 

But that was just the beginning. More recently, DeJoy restructured the leadership organizational chart, displacing or reassigning 23 knowledgeable executive staff, during a monumentally critical time when we need institutional knowledge more than ever.

Add your name to call for the termination of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. His deliberate sabotage of the United States Postal Service must not go unanswered! 

Our Constitution mandates a national postal service. And this year, millions more Americans will be voting by mail than ever before. By installing DeJoy to deliberately mismanage USPS and disrupt the November election, Trump is violating our constitutional rights in multiple ways.

DeJoy must be terminated.

Sign here to call for Louis DeJoy’s removal as Postmaster General. We must protect USPS and secure our ability to vote by mail during this pandemic.


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