Tell the media to call Trump out on ALL of his lies. Don’t let him rewrite history!

In the first three years of his presidency, Donald Trump told 16,241 lies, or 15 per day — and that was before the debacle that is his coronavirus response and the cascade of dishonesty that came with it.

The president seems to have a strategy of lying so frequently that the free press could not possibly keep up with it. But here’s the thing. That’s the job. And it’s an important one because if they let even one lie go unchallenged, they’re letting Trump get away with rewriting history.

Even though many members of the media are doing excellent work holding Trump’s feet to the fire, the deceit is increasing because he thinks he can get away with it.

In fact, in 2019, his 8,155 lies exceeded the 7,688 of the previous two years combined, and in the face of the pandemic he’s gotten even bolder, lying about testing capacity that is obviously absent, claiming success as he presides over the deadliest U.S. event in generation, and blaming any and all shortcomings on Obama, impeachment, the Russia probe, even hospital workers.

In other words, Trump’s lies are costing lives. That’s why he must be called out on every single lie.

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