Tell Trump to stop sacrificing lives for the economy!

Trump is terrified that our 20%-plus unemployment rate will lose him reelection. So he’s moving forward with reopening the economy at the cost of actual lives – particularly those of the working class, the elderly, and communities of color who have been disproportionately hit by the virus.

Add your name to tell Trump that SAVING LIVES matters more than protecting business interests of his corporate buddies.

From Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick saying senior citizens would be proud to die for the economy (uh, no) to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell threatening to bankrupt the pensions of millions of state employees after he gave a bailout to 43,000 millionaire real estate moguls, Republicans are following Trump’s deadly cues.

And it gets even worse. When it became evident that meatpacking plants were emerging as dangerous hotspots for the disease, infecting thousands around the country and killing dozens before the end of April, Trump didn’t act to save lives. He endangered them.

In fact, Trump used the same Defense Production Act he declined to employ for lifesaving medical supplies to force meat plants to stay open and require workers to risk their lives show up to work.

Make no mistake. This will kill people and we can’t tolerate it.

Tell Trump to value LIVES over business and pass more social support systems – NOT force workers back into unsafe conditions.


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