Tell Trump: Stop attacking Democrats and work WITH them to stop this outbreak!

“I don’t take responsibility at all.” It’s a statement that doesn’t exactly evoke memories of America’s great leaders. It is however, Donald Trump’s professed stance on his own bungled response to the coronavirus outbreak that he downplayed for weeks, even declining World Health Organization (WHO) tests and leaving the US woefully underprepared as a result.

Now that the health crisis has become so dire that he can deny it no longer, the president has shifted his tone has shifted from “we pretty much shut it down” and “new hoax” to “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.”

The change is a welcome one but there’s one big problem. Rather than focus his administration’s energy and resources on combatting the pandemic, Trump is spending his time tearing down and scapegoating Democrats — the very people he and his party need to be working with to mitigate this crisis.

Trump has blamed President Obama and virtually every Democratic governor in the country, desperately trying to evade blame without doing the work to make the crisis better.

Enough is enough. Add your name to send a message to Trump: This is no time for partisan games and scapegoating. It’s time to get to work! Tell the president to stop attacking Democrats and work with them to stop this pandemic immediately!


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