Demand Mitch McConnell stop blocking police reform in the Senate

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a “solution” for police brutality: a Republican-crafted bill, skipping committee, with no input from Democrats, a gift-wrapped present with a bow to law enforcement from the #AllLivesMatter party. If there’s one single thing we DON’T need coming out of this incredible movement for fighting Black lives, it’s Mitch’s bill.

The JUSTICE Act is so bad, Senate Democrats have called it “not salvageable” through amendments and are demanding a fresh bipartisan process.

Remind Mitch McConnell the movement to stop police brutality is bigger than him – stop blocking Democratic voices in police accountability in the Senate!

Democrats also have a bill to address police accountability – and WHEN it’s brought to the floor for negotiations, we’ll have some suggestions to improve it as well. But this can’t be done without an open conversation that includes our party.

McConnell is under pressure to produce legislation that responds to nationwide protests calling for change, including in his own state. So as long as Democrats stand strong against his garbage legislation, he’ll need to open up the process.

Add your name to demand Mitch McConnell make police accountability a bipartisan conversation from the start – stop blocking Democrats and real reform.


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