Tell Trump: Stop making excuses for the pandemic and tell Americans to STAY AT HOME!

Even as the United States became the epicenter the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, with a death count surpassing three 9/11s, Donald Trump was patting himself on the back and continuing to do what needed to be done to save lives.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the world’s foremost transmissible disease expert and one of the few people on Trump’s coronavirus response team who know what they’re talking about, has said that anything short of a national stay-at-home order will cost lives.

And yet Trump refuses. Instead, he makes excuses, attacks the media, and blames Democrats without basis.

As such, nine states with blindly loyal Republican governors have yet to issue stay at home orders as of the second week in April. Not only will this willful ignorance get people killed, it prolongs the outbreak and endangers the lives of all of us.

Enough is enough! Add your name to demand Trump use his bully pulpit for something helpful. Tell Americans to stay the f— at home NOW!


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