Tell Trump to stop stonewalling the media and give the American people the answers we deserve!

When faced with criticism of his handling of COVID-19, Trump has wielded his single weapon: BLAME CHINA. Supplies of PPE’s running short? 23 million unemployed? Delays in testing? “Ask China.”

Trump built his campaign and administration on racism, and fired our pandemic response team along the way. And now, anti-Chinese sentiment is Trump’s only answer to serious questions on the pandemic to which he has so inadequately responded.

Add your name to tell Trump to cut the racist stonewalling of the media during press briefings and give the American people real answers.

South Korea had the same number of deaths as the US by mid-March. In April, South Korea lost 85 lives – and the US lost 62,000. Trump had the same information, the same time to respond, but his response has been lethally inadequate.

We need better answers now. Answers that don’t incite his xenophobic followers into surges of hate crimes toward people of Asian descent…including journalists trying to bring us the information we need to stay alive.

Sign here to tell Trump to drop his dangerous racist rhetoric and provide actual information on the COVID-19 crisis.


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