Tell the press to call Trump out on his LIES about Joe Biden – don’t let him replay 2016!

We already had a taste of Trump’s propensity to bigly lie in 2016. From ongoing Benghazi conspiracy theories to the severity of Clinton’s private email server usage, Trump spilled out buckets of exaggerations and falsehoods against his opponent, culminating in the infamous “Lock Her Up” chant. The actual crime the chant referred to remains unclear to this day.

Now, Trump has turned up the lies against Joe Biden to a dizzying degree – and using his position as current president to spread this poison via official White House press events (which is illegal, so…Lock Him Up?)

Add your name to tell the press to aggressively fact-check Trump’s lies against Biden.

Trump’s false claims about Biden range from disturbingly sinister (racist proclamations that Biden will “abolish the suburbs”) to outrageously ludicrous (Biden is going to abolish windows!) This man will say whatever he can to win the election – everything except the truth – and his followers, aided by right-wing media, will believe all of it.

With a gleeful lack of filter on Trump, and without our media pushing back at every step, we could see a repeat of 2016. 

Sign here to tell the media to challenge Trump’s damaging, hateful lies at every step between now and November 3.


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