Tell Trump to obey the law and turn over his tax returns

The Supreme Court has handed down two decisions regarding Trump’s tax returns. Both are favorable (to us) in that they officially affirm the President is NOT above the law. But the battle in the courts isn’t over, and these decisions don’t guarantee we’ll see Trump’s tax returns before the November election.

Trump has fought releasing his tax returns for years, from claiming an audit without ever providing proof (by the way, being audited does NOT legally stop him from releasing them) to fighting Congressional subpoenas that legally require compliance.

Add your name to tell Trump to stop lying about his money, obey the Congressional subpoenas, and release his tax returns to the American public.

The public deserves to see Trump’s accounting books. His foreign investments, his conflicts of interest, whether or not he’s actually paid any taxes on his so-called billions, law-breaking on campaign finance rules (remember Stormy Daniels?)…and base curiosity about whether he’s got the business acumen he claims, since rumor has it, he doesn’t.

And just as important, obeying a Congressional subpoena is the law, even if this most recent SCOTUS decision has bumped the case down the road for further examination.

What’s he hiding?

Sign here to tell Trump to adhere to his subpoena and release his tax returns. Every day he delays strengthens the likelihood he’s got something he’s too scared to show us.


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