Demand Trump publicly apologize to the family of George Floyd for using him as a prop

As revolutionary protests against police brutality toward Black people, sparked by the killing of George Floyd, have continued to spread across the nation, there’s one person who has stood in clear opposition: President Trump.

From urging state governors to “dominate the streets” to encouraging use of the National Guard to tear-gassing peaceful protesters for a photo-op to calling for the American military, Trump has shown absolute opposition to the Black Lives Matter and Justice for George movement.

Which is why Trump’s invocation of Mr. Floyd’s name during a speech on the economy, saying Mr. Floyd would think “this is a great thing that’s happening for our country,” a speech which included a reiteration of Trump’s universally anti-protest policies, is a complete erasure of George Floyd and Black voices across the country.

Add your name to tell Trump to publicly apologize to George Floyd’s family for using him as a prop in Trump’s politics.

White appropriation of Black products, labor, words, and lives is older than our country. This is not new. This won’t be the last time. But it is vital to continue to fight against Every. Single. Time.

Sign here to tell Trump to issue an apology to George Floyd’s family. Trump has no right to use Floyd’s name or claim his thoughts for political games.


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