Tell Trump’s family to stop spouting dangerous COVID-19 conspiracy theories that will get people killed!

Eric Trump wants to brainwash Trump followers into believing COVID-19, which has killed over 90,000 Americans, isn’t real. He recently appeared on Fox News, claiming the virus was a Democratic hoax that would “magically” disappear after the November 3rd election.

Eric further claimed that the protective policies adopted by both red and blue states (and recommended by the Trump Administration) are actually a Democratic ploy to keep Trump from campaigning…dismissing every single life we have already lost.

Sign here to tell the Trump family to stop spouting COVID-19 conspiracy theories that spread false hope to followers and dishonor the very-real loss of life in our country.

Eric Trump isn’t stupid (despite what Saturday Night Live hilariously depicts). He knows that seeding suspicion gives right-wing news hosts extra legitimacy when they spread doubt and deception.

And every Trump voter who believes COVID-19 is a hoax is another voter choosing not to stay safe and keep others safe, choosing to disobey stay-at-home mandates, to disregard protections like masks and hand-washing. Which means Eric Trump’s words aren’t just click-bait…they’re actual murder weapons.

Add your name to tell the Trump family to stop spreading false COVID-19 rumors that encourage Trump’s followers to disregard safety precautions.


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