Demand Trump stop using the White House and public resources for campaign events – as required by law!

By law, Trump is not allowed to use taxpayer money for political activities, like his reelection campaign. But after one dismally-attended rally in Tusla and a cancelled event in New Hampshire, Trump’s frantically trying to figure out how to save face and rally his base some other way.

It seems he’s found an answer: holding phony press conferences. Trump’s recent speech in the Rose Garden was set up to announce measures against China. But Trump barely touched on the planned topic and the rambling speech lasted over an hour, mentioned his opponent Joe Biden more than twenty times, sounded nearly identical to Trump’s standard racist, non-fact-checked rally rants…and only allowed six minutes of questions from reporters.

Add your name to demand Trump obey the law stop using taxpayer money for campaign events.

Trump is not above the law. And federal appropriations laws are very clear – if Trump uses public funds for politics, his campaign MUST reimburse our government for the costs incurred.

Trump owes us thousands of dollars for holding the press hostage. And now that his strategy is clear, we need to stop it before he costs us even more. 

Sign here to demand Trump stops breaking federal appropriation laws by using taxpayer money for political rallies.


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