Tell Twitter to fact-check ALL of Trump’s tweets

Trump’s biggest megaphone is his Twitter account. For years, he has spread lies and misinformation, bullied and threatened, and even conducted delicate foreign affairs from the social media platform.

Misinformation on social media was a huge factor in Trump’s win in 2016 – and social media platforms have a long way to go in rectifying their participation in the polarization of our politics and spread of racism and hate speech.

But Twitter finally took a bold step regarding their accountability with spreading Trump’s lies – by adding a fact-check feature to one of his lying tweets.

Add your name to tell Twitter to own their culpability in the spread of misinformation and fact-check ALL of Trump’s tweets…don’t stop with one!

Trump promptly had a meltdown, claiming Twitter infringed on his First Amendment rights and promising a “big action” But he couldn’t be more wrong. 

The First Amendment only prevents the government from interfering with individual free speech…it does not regulate private enterprise from monitoring, correcting, or removing speech on their platforms, including Twitter.

Nearly all of Trump’s tweets include harmful false information. Twitter has a responsibility to go further.

Sign here to tell Twitter to fact check ALL of Trump’s tweets, not just one.


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