Demand states reject Trump’s voter fraud lies and implement vote-by-mail IMMEDIATELY!

What happened in the Wisconsin primary was nothing short of murder. Republicans insisted on holding the statewide election during the COVID-19 pandemic despite pleas from Democrats to postpone, and then blocked efforts to extend absentee options. 

With stay-at-home orders in place, thousands of missing absentee ballots, and hundreds of polling locations shuttered due to lack of staffing, Wisconsin voters spent hours standing in line under dangerous conditions to participate in their democratic right.

There’s a clear solution for maintaining both democracy and safety: tell your governor and state legislators that ALL elections must be 100% vote-by-mail until we have a COVID-19 vaccine.

Trump is claiming mail-in votes are rife with fraud. But when pressed for the proof, he had none to give, because he is lying. Five states already conduct their elections entirely by mail. And Trump’s own 2018 commission found no widespread evidence of voter fraud. 

Republicans aren’t just trying to win their elections – they’re willing to kill our voters in the process. 

Add your name to demand 100% vote-by-mail elections until a COVID-19 vaccine is available and accessible for all. 


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