Stop Trump and Las Vegas’ mayor from opening casinos and tourist traps that would endanger every American!

During a global pandemic, in the most infected country in the world, while over 90% of us are under orders to stay-at-home and limit all non-essential travel…Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman wants to fling open the Strip, re-open casinos and hotels, restaurants and major league sports, and carry on business as usual. Because, as she told Anderson Cooper, “We’ve had viruses for years.”

Add your name to tell the Nevada Gaming Control Board to keep casinos closed until health experts say so.

Coronavirus in the Vegas area currently has a mortality rate of nearly 5%. Five out of every hundred diagnosed are dying. But sure, those are decent odds for someone who likes gambling.

What’s extra sad is that Goodman would sound truly insane, if she weren’t parroting Trump’s aggressive cries for re-opening the economy, which come against the advice of leading health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Robert Redfield in his own administration.

Trump’s colossal damage is only now barely mitigated by states efforts to contain the spread. Vegas casinos can’t open right now – because what’s contracted in Vegas definitely there won’t stay in Vegas.

Tell the Nevada Gaming Control Board that casinos must stay closed for business until health experts say it’s safe.


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