Tell venues to cancel Trump’s campaign events while he is contagious with COVID-19

Our President is still contagious with COVID-19, after predictably catching it at a non-social-distanced, non-masked White House superspreader event. He’s not the only one: at least 11 high-up GOP officials caught it that day…and likely many more, but the White House has shut down contact tracing.

Trump has returned to the campaign trail less than a week after being released from the hospital. With his first event scheduled 10 days after diagnosis, Trump is still within the CDC’s guidelines for being contagious and remaining quarantined.

Sign here to demand the venues of Trump’s upcoming campaign events cancel in light of Trump’s flagrant disregard for his own contagious state.

Trump’s rallies are maskless and crowded. And it’s not just Trump who will be spreading to his people – it’s all of Trump’s staff, who he will have infected as he travels state-to-state.

People will die as a result of Trump’s contagion rallies…and unfortunately, many will be innocents who receive the spread from Trump to staffer to attendee to that attendee’s family and community.

The event venues must cancel to save lives.

Add your name to tell Trump’s event venues to pull out – refuse to host the Superspreader in Chief.


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