Cop charged in Trump insurrection cover-up scheme

Arrest and charge every insurgent involved with the Trump-inspired MAGA coup on the Capitol!


FDA panel endorses booster shot for J&J COVID-19 vaccine

Top Stories for October 16:

Capitol cop tipped off MAGA rioter, told him to hide evidence

Officer Michael A. Riley was indicted on obstruction of justice charges after sending dozens of messages to an unnamed rioter, urging him to remove incriminating evidence online.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Pete Buttigieg just took down Tucker Carlson after his disgusting attack

Buttigieg managed to both take the high road and expertly rebut Tuck Tuck’s casual homophobia, reminding Americans which political party actually stands for family values.

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Virginia Republicans pull vile stunt to cheat ahead of election

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unbelievable.

Justice Department will ask Supreme Court to block Texas’ 6-week abortion ban
The Biden administration’s petition will once again place the justices in the center of a firestorm created by the law that bars abortions before most women even know they are pregnant.

British lawmaker David Amess stabbed to death in terror attack
Counter-terrorism police in the United Kingdom have formally declared the fatal stabbing of British lawmaker David Amess an act of terrorism and have a 25-year-old suspect in custody.

Democrats’ cornerstone climate policy will likely be cut from sweeping economic package
West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is holding up historic climate policy because, well, it’s apparently really hard to quit coal.

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Conservative pundit torches “absolutely batsh*t crazy” Republicans In Texas
Conservative pundit Charlie Sykes on Friday lamented what he described as the “race to the bottom” to “see who can be the most MAGA” between Republicans in Florida, Arizona, and Texas.

United Rural Democrats reveals brilliant plan to defeat Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Q-anon Republicans

United Rural Democrats: Republicans have proved they’ll stop at NOTHING to win. They’re planning to STEAL votes across the country. But United Rural Democrats is organizing on the ground in rural communities. Find out how you can help defeat Trumpism before tonight’s critical deadline that could determine whether we can continue.

DOJ restores retirement benefits and back pay for ex-FBI senior official fired by Trump
Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was fired hours before he was set to retire with full benefits in March 2018.

Florida withholds entire Leon County School Board salaries over mask policy
Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran withheld the salaries of all Leon County School Board members Friday, even though the district walked back its COVID-induced mask rule this week.

US vows to pay relatives of Afghans killed in drone strike
The cost of war is never not staggering.

Sinema rakes in pharma and finance cash amid reconciliation negotiations
The first-term senator raised more than $1.1 million in the third quarter of 2021, with roughly 90 percent coming from donors outside Arizona.

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Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: End the filibuster!

Senate Democrats are hoping to once again break through the GOP-backed filibuster and pass crucial voting rights legislation next week. There’s a crack in the Republican defense now that they’ve wavered on their debt ceiling stance, and this is the time to make sure they hear us.

Senate Republicans are hellbent on stonewalling every single Biden agenda item, and now their 21st-century temper tantrum is getting in the way of real change for working families.

Abortion access, preventing a recession, voting rights, Medicaid expansion, cannabis reform, universal pre-k and college access, an expanded child tax credit that’s already alleviated child poverty by 50% across the country — there’s a lot on the line. But none of it can pass with the filibuster in place.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your senators and demand to end the filibuster as soon as possible so that working families can receive necessary care! 

Simply put, the filibuster’s past and present is racist. It has been used repeatedly over the last century to block major pieces of civil rights legislation, dramatically slowing our progress toward becoming that more perfect union put forth in the Constitution. And in Mitch McConnell’s hands it has become the primary conservative weapon, brandished at will to prevent popular progressive legislation supported by a clear majority of Americans from becoming law.

The filibuster MUST go. Now.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your senators and remind them that ending the filibuster is the only way forward for our country!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to arrest and charge every insurgent involved with the Trump-inspired MAGA coup on the Capitol, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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