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Top Stories for July 2:

Sources confirm that associate of Mark Meadows threatened Cassidy Hutchinson before testimony

Team “law and order” resorted to gangster intimidation to save their skin.

Take Action: Demand the Justice Department indict Trump’s election steal lawyer John Eastman!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican crowd turns on Trump after Liz Cheney’s epic speech

The Wyoming congresswoman received two standing ovations from the audience at the Reagan Library during a speech in which she called the disgraced former president a “dangerous and irrational man.”

The fight for abortion rights isn’t over yet — not by a long shot!

John Fetterman for Senate: Join John Fetterman fight to kill the filibuster and codify Roe into law!

Two Secret Service sources confirm Trump angrily demanded to participate in the insurrection
Efforts to deny that the disgraced ex-president is a power hungry lunatic fell flat after the Secret Service ironically proved incapable of keeping the secret.

SCOTUS to hear case that could legitimize Trump’s election fraud in 2024
Trump’s team foiught for state legislatures to overturn the popular vote in their states, now his rigged Supreme Court will decide if the anti-democratic scheme will fly in the future.

Take Action: Demand Congress reform the extremist Supreme Court!

Don’t Say Gay law takes effect in Florida as teachers brace for chaos

The vile anti-LGBTQ legislation championed by Governor Ron DeSantis and the GOP threatens to rip the state apart.

Take Action: Tell the Biden team to do everything in their power to defend LGBTQ+ rights against Republican hate!

Biden names his first Medal of Freedom Recipients
John McCain, Gabrielle Giffords and Denzel Washington head a class that includes soccer star and equal pay advocate Megan Rapinoe, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, and social justice organizer Sister Simone Campbell.

The ONE way to restore abortion rights in the US

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This is key.

New York responds to Supreme Court ruling, enacts new concealed carry restrictions
Democrats led by Governor Kathy Hochul have restrcited concealed carry in public buildings, including schools, after radical Republican appointees chose right wing gun money over the lives of innocent Americans.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Judicial Ethics and Anti-Corruption Act!

Proud Boys pepper-sprayed after trying to shut down drag show
In a rare win-win for the marginalized and hate mongers, drag queens and fans can resume behavior that harms no one, and Proud Boys’ pepper sprayed eyeballs won’t be able to see it.


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