Censure McConnell for voting to acquit Trump and then ADMITTING he was guilty!

Moments after voting “not-guilty” on the charges to disgraced ex-President Trump for undermining our elections and inciting a deadly coup, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stated publicly that Trump was 100% to blame.

McConnell then went on to clarify that his “not-guilty” vote was merely because Trump was no longer in office…after it was singularly thanks to McConnell’s scheming that the trial was delayed until after Trump left office.

Republican hypocrisy at its finest.

Add your name to demand the Senate censures Mitch McConnell for making a public mockery of the impeachment trial.

Trump’s disregard for democracy and penchant for dictatorship is monumentally dangerous to this country’s future. And so is McConnell’s – by sending the crystal clear message that he will not punish Trump (or any other future tyrant) in the face of undeniable guilt.

McConnell had a chance to lead his party into a post-Trump future, once-and-for-all separating the GOP from the violent Trump-era. Instead, McConnell has paved the way for the sequel.

Sign here to demand Mitch McConnell is censured for publicly undermining the main tool Congress has to remove a dictator from the presidency.


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