Our chance to end Republican gerrymandering for good

End gerrymandering nationwide

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just unveiled the state’s new nonpartisan congressional map. It was drawn by a legislative districting expert with a mandate to reverse the GOP’s gerrymandered advantage – and Republicans are freaking out. Without gerrymandering to protect them, the new map could turn as many as SIX previously safe GOP seats into tossups.

Every single Pennsylvanian can now live in a district that maximizes their power – not the politicians’ – but we can’t rest until every voter in America enjoys that same freedom.

Imagine if GOP-gerrymandered maps like these were erased across the nation. It could happen if Democrats fight NOW to flip GOP-led legislatures in Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and everyplace else where they’ve used gerrymandering to rig our elections.

We can only do that with your help. Add your name now to join the nationwide coalition fighting against right-wing gerrymandering:

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And even the battle in Pennsylvania is far from over. Trump’s allies have filed a last-ditch lawsuit to stop the new maps from taking effect, and Trump tweeted DEMANDING that federal courts reinstate the GOP’s gerrymandered maps.

We knew all along that Republicans would never accept fair maps without a fight. So now we have fight harder and more fiercely than Trump could ever imagine: This is our democracy at stake.

Fair maps are the only way our democracy can truly be equal. Don’t let Republicans rig the system – add your name right now.



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