Demand Kellyanne Conway be charged for violating the law to defend Trump!

Federal law prohibits employees of the executive branch from engaging political activity while acting in their official capacity. That means trying to affect elections or lobbing partisan attacks while simultaneously acting as an advisor to the president is illegal. Nevertheless, Kellyanne Conway has repeatedly been seen “disparaging Democratic presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity during television interviews and on social media.”

So flagrant are Kellyanne’s violations that the White House’s Office of Special Counsel (OSC) recommended she lose her position in the White House. A liberal deep state plot? Hardly. OSC chief Henry Kerner, the one recommending Conway’s firing, was appointed by Trump himself.

Now that Kellyanne has left the White House, she should not be allowed to evade justice.

Add your name to demand that Kellyanne Conway finally be held accountable for repeatedly defying the law to help Trump politically.

Conway broke the law while acting on behalf of the self-proclaimed “law and order” adminsitration. She should and must be held to account and be charged for her crime.

This administration’s officials may think that they are above the law, but it’s time to put their days of lawlessness to an end.


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