Clean energy can now save you money

You can now choose clean energy and save money

Anyone who pays a power bill – apartment renter or homeowner – can now choose clean energy and save up to 30% on their energy bill with Arcadia Power.

Arcadia Power is an energy platform that helps its members save money while supporting renewable energy.

Using technology and the aggregate buying power of 75,000+ members, Arcadia Power is able to secure exclusive low rates from the electricity market, saving members up to hundreds of dollars per year.

It takes just two minutes to sign up for free online. There’s no cost, equipment, contracts, or obligations. The only requirement is that you pay a power bill, and it will not interfere with any programs you currently have with your local utility.

Plus, exclusive to OD Action activists, sign up by February 28th and get an additional $20 off your next power bill.

It has never been easier to support renewable energy and save money.

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