CNN host exposes Trump’s lies about voter fraud

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Massive explosion rocks Beirut, killing more than 100 with searches still underway

Top Stories for August 5:

CNN host shuts down Trump campaign senior advisor’s misinformation: “You’re saying a bunch of crap.”

Mercedes Schlapp trotted out the president’s latest talking points and was immediately shut down by Brianna Keilar.

Take Action: Demand secure vote-by-mail elections nationwide to ensure everyone can vote THIS November!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump threatens unilateral action against mail-in ballots

The president is resorting to dictatorial decry in a desperate, illegal attempt to save his sinking reelection campaign.

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Trump CAUGHT sabotaging US Postal Service to win election
This is worse than it looks.

Progressive Black Lives Matter activist Cori Bush ousts longtime rep in Missouri Democratic Primary
Bush’s primary win essentially guarantees her a seat in Congress representing the heavily Democratic St. Louis area. Missouri’s 1st Congressional District has been represented by Clay or his father for a half-century.

Take Action: Sign up to volunteer (safely) to put Democrats across the finish line in key races no matter where you live!

Judge rules against Trump, calling it ‘discriminatory’ to deny Puerto Rico access to US aid
“To be blunt, the federal government discriminates against Americans who live in Puerto Rico.”

Trump launches new Beirut conspiracy theory at press briefing
The president managed to generate a new distraction amongst his usual passel of false claims.

Federal agents are expelling asylum seekers as young as 8 months from the border, citing pandemic risks
Thousands of migrant children have been expelled by the Trump administration since March. Some have been held in hotels without access to lawyers or family. Advocates say many are now “virtually impossible” to find.

Take Action: Don’t use the pandemic as an excuse to abandon refugee children! This is no time for nationalist cruelty.

Election year is here!

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Aurora police apologize after drawing guns on Black family, mistaking vehicle as stolen
The cops were caught on camera threatening an innocent family with kids as young as six.

Why is the second stimulus taking so long?
Republicans are willing to cut off Americans in the most need, but Democrats aren’t backing down.

See Michelle Obama’s birthday tribute to her “favorite guy,” on his birthday
It wasn’t long ago that America had a First Couple with genuine humanity.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Phonebank for the Democratic Party

In the middle of a pandemic, we cannot safely canvas door to door to save our nation from Trump’s racist, bigoted, dictatorial re-election. But having one-on-one conversations with voters and would-be voters is the single most effective way to sway a mind, inspire participation, and win this election.

Phone banking with swing state voters is now our single greatest asset for defeating Trump and flipping the Senate.

And here’s the good news: you don’t need to be a political expert to make these calls. You just need to care about defeating Trump and breaking the majority in the Senate that obeys his every whim – and every single call you make brings us one step closer to that vision of the future.

Phone bank for the Democratic Party, and usher in sweeping change this November – shifts happening every day between now and November 3! A Democratic victory at the federal, state, and local level will take ALL of us chipping in!

We’re facing: extreme delays in USPS during a time when more voters than ever plan to vote absentee, valid fears about visiting or volunteering at polling stations, AND the usual frenzy of GOP voter suppression tactics.

All in all, our election system is in crisis, and the voters most likely to be burdened, discouraged, and blocked from voting are Democrats in swing/red states where we need the highest possible turnout. It’s time to put in some volunteer hours like your life depends on it – because the reality is, for many people in this country, it does.

There’s no time to delay – election day is around the corner! Phone bank for the Democratic Party and help usher in a post-Trump era. There are shifts every day!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling states to reject Trump’s voter fraud lies and institute vote-by-mail, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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