CNN host tells Sam Nunbergshe smells alcohol. His response is stunning (WATCH)

Don't let Trump fire Special Prosecutor Mueller!

Today’s Action: Hold Congress Accountable for NRA Support

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CNN’s host tells Sam Nunberg on air she smells alcohol. His response is stunning (WATCH)

The remarkable unhinged media blitz by former Trump aide Sam Nunberg in the wake of his receiving a subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller requesting all the correspondence he had with a bevy of top Trump campaign officials hit a new level of absurdity when he hit his sixth interview of the day with CNN’s Erin Burnett… [more]

Today’s Action: Hold Congress Accountable for NRA Support

There’s no mystery around why Republicans work so hard to prevent common sense protections against gun violence. The National Rifle Association (NRA) lined Congressional Republicans’ pockets with nearly $6 million in 2016 and spent a staggering $30 million to elect Trump.

For Trump, that comes out to just $1,695 for each life lost to gun violence since Election Day — that’s all it took to get him to turn a blind eye to the national epidemic that continues to claim the lives of our nation’s children. That’s all it took to get him and his enablers to live with the blood on their hands.

Visit to see how much your Members of Congress receive from the NRA – and contact them by email or phone (202.224.3121) to ask them how much a life is worth.

Tell them any donation from the NRA, no matter how small, is unacceptable to you.

As the majority of the nation joins the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School community in Parkland, Florida in sorrow and outrage over the 17 lives lost to gun violence last week, Republicans in Congress have made their statement: reelection is worth more than the lives of innocent teenagers.

That’s why it’s up to us to call them out on their blood money.

Click here to find out how much your reps receive from the NRA. Then, contact your Members of Congress and tell them that even $1 is too much support – and that you won’t vote for any candidate in November who values their own job over the lives of America’s children.

PS — Save the date for three days of action:
March 14 – Women’s March Youth EMPOWER National School Walkout
March 24 – March For Our Lives
April 20 – National School Walkout

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling for Trump to not be a coward and meet with the student leaders who survived the Parkland school shooting, and join the vast majority of Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!