Colin Powell trashes Trump for unconstitutional acts

Demand the truth about Trump's connections to Wikileaks and its scheme to corrupt the 2016 Election


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“Brilliant new show” looks at the historic politics of impeachment and finds Trump is in big trouble (LISTEN)

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Colin Powell trashes Trump: “the Constitution started with ‘We the People,’ not ‘Me the President'”

The Republican ex-Secretary of State told his party they needed to “get a grip” on themselves and called them out for their cowardice.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jim Jordan is asked over and over and over if Trump can collude with foreign countries

The Republican Congressman squirmed but had nowhere to go.

Take Action: Censure Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for defaming Michael Cohen during hearing!

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson loses it on ‘Meet the Press’: I do not trust the FBI or CIA
The Republican Party is falling apart trying to defend their corrupt president.

Judge orders White House to preserve records of Trump’s dealings with foreign leaders
The lawless president could find himself in a pickle when he tries to cover his tracks.

The president spent all afternoon watching television and complaining about it on Twitter
Donald Trump didn’t have enough of his toadies defending him on the Sunday shows, and he made sure everyone knew he was mad about it.

“Don’t think of an Elephant” — Democrats’ seminal guide to winning arguments and elections (now in audio)

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While Trump accuses Biden’s son of corruption, Eric Trump tries and fails to get Scottish real estate deal
The president only has a problem with conflicts of interest when it involves other people’s kids.

Trump baselessly accuses the Bidens of being “PAID OFF” and extorting money
The president kicked off his Sunday by escalating his smear campaign against the former Vice-President.

US troops begin pullout from along Turkey’s border in Syria, infuriating Syrian Kurds
Kurds say the pullout will overturn five years of achievements in battle against Islamic State, accused Trump of failing to abide by commitments to allies against ISIS.

Trump’s new national security adviser once called Trump’s foreign policy statements ‘extraordinarily dangerous’
O’Brien is the latest to set aside U.S. interests for personal ambition in Trump’s name.


Today’s Action: Attend an impeachment event and thank your Rep

What a week it’s been in Impeachment Land! Trump, looking to justify his covered-up request to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son in exchange for Congressional aid funding, publicly called on China to investigate as well, new whistleblowers. And Democrats have unearthed text messages between administration employees which strengthen suspicions of Trump’s financial and impeachable misdeeds.

The House is now on recess through October 15. With our Reps home for the week, we need to be hard at work keeping the impeachment momentum moving forward. Three actions to take today:

  1. Call or email your Representative:
    • If your Representative has already publicly supported impeachment proceedings, they need to be thanked – and encouraged to pursue a thorough, robust, and timely investigation.
    • If your Representative is opposed or undecided, they need to hear from voters now more than ever. Remember, the list that now support impeachment proceedings didn’t happen overnight … in fact, it has taken two years to slowly build to majority, starting with the moment Trump fired FBI Director James Comey over the Russia investigation. That shift is thanks to diligent and unrelenting activism by voters, including the OD Action community.
  2. Call or email your Senators and remind them that, if Trump is impeached by the House, their duty will be to hold a fair and just trial – and if not, they will be personally responsible for keeping a criminal in the White House.
  3. And no matter who your Members of Congress are, or their party membership, it’s more powerful if stated in-person – attend an event or create one at Impeach Now! Speaking with your Members of Congress face-to-face not only allows you direct access but also allows you to gain media attention and record the interaction to share over social media.

With impeachment on the table, recess doesn’t mean time off for anyone. This isn’t going to be a fast, easy process…but nothing worth doing ever is. If anything ever was, impeaching Donald Trump is worth doing.


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