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Top Stories for November 22:

Suspected Colorado shooter is the grandson of a California MAGA Republican assemblyman

The hate-fueled murderer who carried out the horrific mass shooting at a Colorado LGBTQ nightclub that left five dead and 25 injured is the grandson of Republican California Assemblyman Randy Voepel — a hardcore Trumper.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox News finally turns on Trump in humiliating about face

After Trump’s MAGA movement proved to be ballot box poison in the recent midterm elections, the heavy hitters in right-wing newsmongering finally began turning their backs on the disgraced ex-president. We’ll see how long that lasts…

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Top prosecutor issues BRUTAL news for Trump over special counsel

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Ilhan Omar torches Kevin McCarthy for threatening to remove her from committee assignments, slams the GOP for bigotry
McCarthy, poised to become the next speaker of the House, has already explicitly targeted Rep. Omar over her race, religion, and progressive values, but the congresswoman isn’t backing down and tore into the GOP for working to “divide us along racial and ethnic lines.”

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Herschel Walker delivers unhinged transphobic speech the day after LGBTQ nightclub shooting
Rather than seeing the tragedy as an opportunity to tone down his party’s hateful rhetoric and extend empathy to a chronically marginalized and victimized community, the bumbling, ignorant MAGA candidate chose instead to ramp up the bigotry in an elementary display of cruelty.

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Elon Musk reinstates Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Twitter
The tech bozo billionaire is welcoming the very worst people back to his pet platform, increasing fears that it will devolve into a total cesspit and eventually collapse completely. Greene was originally banned earlier this year for repeatedly spreading dangerous COVID-19 misinformation.

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Biden pardons Thanksgiving turkeys, quips spilled cranberry sauce will be the only “red wave” this season
President Biden couldn’t resist taking one more shot at Republicans and their vanquished hopes of a historic “red wave” in the midterm elections. Gobble gobble!

Rural Georgia is the key to a Warnock win

OD Action Partner: Expanding our Senate majority is critical to protecting all the values we hold dear. Abortion rights, voting rights, LGBTQ+ protections, everything we hold dear is on the line and riding on a Georgia victory. Will you support United Rural Democrats’ efforts to help Senator Warnock fend off a nail-biting challenge from Trump-endorsed, MAGA extremist Herschel Walker?

Veteran sprang into action, subdued Colorado mass murderer with help from drag queen in heels
The carnage and unspeakable horror that unfolded at Q Club in Colorado Springs could have been far worse were it not for the decisive actions of decorated Army veteran Richard Fierro, who was attending a drag show with his family. Sadly, Fierro’s daughter lost her longtime boyfriend Raymond Green Vance in the senseless massacre.

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy announces name change order to benefit and protect transgender residents in New Jersey
Gov. Murphy has ordered that name changes in New Jersey will be kept confidential in the state in an effort to help protect transgender residents. As violent rhetoric towards the trans community escalates across the country thanks to incessant, right-wing hate mongering, it’s imperative that other leaders take immediate steps like this to protect one of our most vulnerable communities.

US railroad workers vote down proposed contract
The colossal and unfeeling railroad monopolies are still refusing to budge on providing sick leave for the workers who keep the nation fed and fueled and hoping that Congress will step in to save them from a strike — which becomes more likely by the day as the unions dig in and fight for the benefits they deserve.

Insurrectionist accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop found guilty on six charges
The 25-year-old MAGA rioter not only raided Speaker Pelosi’s office, but she boasted about it online afterwards, posting, “I took Nancy Polesis [sic] hard drives. I don’t care. Kill me.” Trump did not send his best and brightest to overthrow our democracy, folks.


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Today’s Action: Phone bank for Sen. Raphael Warnock!

While Democrats will in fact retain control of the US Senate, one crucial race there remains.  Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock’s contest against the observably awful Herschel Walker in Georgia is headed to a runoff in December after neither candidate reached the 50% threshold required to win outright.

We’re in the (slightly elongated) home stretch, folks. It’s absolutely critical to stay engaged and involved and keep Georgia blue. We need as many progressives in office as possible to preserve the rights we’ve been fighting so hard for —  reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gun-safety initiatives, justice reform, etc. One more seat in the Senate could mean the difference between advancing our progressive agenda or watching Mitch McConnell obstruct and disrupt any further progress over the next two years. You don’t have to be a seasoned professional or a registered voter in Georgia to join this fight, just be ready to channel the late, great John Lewis and stir up some “good trouble.”

Georgia Votes is hosting ongoing phone-banking parties for Raphael Warnock through Election Day in December! You can help identify supporters of Sen. Warnock as well as talk to on-the-fence voters. People all across the country are able to join in from the comfort of their own homes, and there’s more than enough work to go around. Commit to a shift today!


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