Add your name if you commit to helping win both Senate seats in Georgia!

Imagine: a 2021 without Trump OR Mitch McConnell in charge. We worked hard to successfully tackle the first…and now we’re pushing to secure the second!

In huge thanks to the Black activist leaders in Georgia, who worked tirelessly to engage and register new voters, Georgia is so close to being the truly blue state we always knew it could be! 

With Georgia’s Presidential electoral votes in the bag, we turn our attention to the two Senate run-off races, which will take place on January 5th. If we win both, the Senate is OURS.

Sign here if you commit to Getting Out The Vote in Georgia, no matter where you live!

Both of Georgia’s Democratic candidates for Senate are to be admired. Rev. Raphael Warnock is pro-choice Black pastor and activist who has spent years in the field of voter rights and registration. And Jon Ossoff is an investigative journalist who’s campaigning for clean energy, women’s healthcare, LGBTQ rights, and ending Citizens United

Let’s do this. Make phone calls. Write letters. Send postcards. And share the petition.

Add your name if you pledge to help Georgia win TWO Democratic Senators on January 5th, and hand Biden complete control of Congress!


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