Congress is launching a sneak attack on all of us. We must stop them

WWF: Don't cut conservation funding

Of the many — MANY — reckless acts of Trump and Congressional Republicans, perhaps none is more self-destructive than their escalating assault on our planet. After all, they’re destroying their own homes too!

Please read this urgent message from the World Wildlife Fund and add your name to join their efforts to fight back and stop Congress’ sneak attack on all of us — even themselves.

From WWF:

Right now, our Members of Congress are turning their attention to next year’s federal budget and beginning to make decisions on what to fund, where to cut, and where to spend more.

The budget proposal that was just released by the Administration would strip much of the assistance the US provides to developing countries, including funding that is critical to protecting wildlife and wild places. Cutting foreign assistance programs and undermining conservation won’t just hurt our ability to protect wildlife — it will harm local communities, undermine rural development, and hurt our efforts to create a more safe and stable world.

Tell your elected officials that you want them to protect international conservation programs.