Conservatives whine, rage over HUGE LGBTQ Court win

Demand TV networks stop booking Trump’s lying mouthpieces and letting them gaslight the public!


Today’s Top Stories:

Conservatives cry tears of rage as Trump-appointed justice, Neil Gorsuch, votes in favor of LGBT rights

Conservatives who thought Trump’s stolen Supreme Court seat would protect their efforts to discriminate against LGBTQ people were extremely upset with the 6-3 ruling.

Take Action: VICTORY! This didn’t happen by accident, it is the result of decades of activism. Read more about the landmark decision protecting LGBTQ Americans in the workplace.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump called out to his face for holding Tulsa rally as cases surge

The president was more interested in bragging about pep rally attendance estimates than the health and well-being of Americans.

Take Action: Block Trump from holding campaign rallies that put Americans’ lives in danger!

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Top Democrat reveals plan if Trump refuses to leave office
Democrats are prepared in the event of a worst-care scenario.

Mike Pence lies about Oklahoma’s pandemic numbers ahead of Trump rally
The vice president blatantly lied to reporters about the trajectory of pandemic cases in Oklahoma, where Trump is scheduled to hold a large campaign rally on Saturday.

Take Action: Put a competent medical professional in charge of the outbreak. Get Pence out!

Another Black man is found hanging from a tree, the fourth in two weeks
A disturbing trend in the wake of the George Floyd protests continued when the unidentified man was found in Houston.

Video shows Tulsa Police arrest teens for ‘jaywalking’ on street with no sidewalk
The 13 year-olds were jumped, cuffed, and kicked for walking while Black.

Take Action: Find out what you can do to support Black lives and take action!

Trump administration to file lawsuit blocking John Bolton’s book
The president, who claims he has nothing to hide, is pulling every lever at his disposal to block the former national security adviser from publishing his damning memoir.

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DeSantis defies critics, endangers residents as pandemic spreads in Florida
Florida’s cases are rising to record levels, an inconvenient truth for the GOP governor who continues to cherry pick data to match his messaging.

FDA ends emergency use of hydroxychloroquine for virus
Trump’s miracle drug isn’t quite the game-changer he recklessly claimed it to be.

LA police cuffed ‘SNL’ alum Jay Pharoah at gunpoint and knelt on his neck
I’m a Black man in America, and my life matters. Black lives always matter. They always matter.



Yes. Seriously…



Today’s Action: Justice for Malcolm Harsch, Robert Fuller, and Rayshard Brooks

Cutting to the chase here: today’s action is demanding justice for several Black lives recently lost under horrific circumstances. Every life lost to the systemic, violent, and lethal racism in our country deserves our individual action every time until the system itself can be dismantled.

Malcolm Harsch and Robert Fuller

Two men in neighboring cities in northern Los Angeles County were found hung from trees within 10 days of each other. Both Malcolm Harsch’s and Robert Fuller’s deaths were ruled suicide by local police, and both of the victims families strongly suspect otherwise. Given the vast historical precedent and significance of lynching in our country and given that Fuller was found hanged outside of Palmdale City Hall, we need real examination into Harsch’s and Fuller’s deaths.

Call or email California’s Attorney General Xavier Bacerra and call for an independent investigation for both Malcolm Harsch and Robert Fuller. The historic lynching of Black men is too common for local authorities to dismiss these deaths so quickly as suicide.

Rayshard Brooks

An Atlanta man, Rayshard Brooks was fatally shot by Officer Garrett Rolfe after being found asleep in his car at a Wendy’s drive-through, after Brooks was already found to be unarmed. Garrett Rolfe had many alternatives to lethal action but chose to shoot Brooks twice regardless. Atlanta’s Mayor has declared the killing completely unjustified. Rolfe has been fired, but he must be charged with murder.

Call or email Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard to demand justice for Rayshard Brooks by pressing charges against Officer Garrett Rolfe. 

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding TV networks stop booking Trump’s lying mouthpieces and letting them gaslight the public, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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