Cops arrest Black Congresswoman at peaceful protest

Hold Trump and Barr accountable for spying on journalists and House Democrats!


Top Stories for July 16:

Democratic congresswoman arrested during voting rights protest at Capitol

Ohio Rep. Joyce Beatty, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, was calling on the Senate to pass a key election reform bill to protect Americans’ right to vote.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: A fed up Jen Psaki chastises Fox News reporter over misleading question

Peter Doocy’s at it again, providing cover for Republicans advancing voter suppression laws across the country who know they can’t win if they play fair.

Tucker Carlson finally goes overboard on COVID vaccine

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: OMG.

Leaked Kremlin documents described Trump as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual”
Recently unearthed documents appear to show that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally supported Moscow’s interference in the 2016 presidential election to support Trump’s campaign, bolstering the US intelligence community’s findings on the matter.

Kevin McCarthy rolls over for Donald Trump
The meeting itself, at Trump’s country club, of course, was a show of dominance from the party’s real leader to its House “leader.”

Take Action: Peter Doocy’s at it again, providing cover for Republicans advancing voter suppression laws across the country who know they can’t win if they play fair.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen calls for permanent increase in child tax credit

Under the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan passed by Congress in March, parents are set to receive $250 to $300 per child every month for the rest of this year. The first of those monthly payments, totaling $15 billion, were delivered on Thursday.

Take Action: Call out Republicans taking credit for the Rescue Plan they opposed!

Trump says if he did a coup it wouldn’t be with General Milley
The ex-president blithely stated, “I saw in that moment [Milley] had no courage or skill, certainly not the type of person I would be talking ‘coup’ with… I’m not into coups!”

Take Action: Add your name to call for interns for be protected in the American Jobs Plan!

NDLB releases first ad of the campaign, and it pulls no punches

No Dem Left Behind: “Republicans are terrorists.”

The WHO’s chief now says it was premature to rule out a lab leak as the pandemic’s origin
Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus acknowledged it was premature to rule out a potential link between the pandemic and a laboratory leak, and he said he is asking China to be more transparent as scientists search for the origins of the virus.

Take Action: Add your name to call for EVERY STATE to expand Medicaid to those who need it!

Explosive interview directly Implicates Trump in tax scheme
As investigators look into a scheme at the Trump Organization to avoid paying taxes on employee benefits, one witness has set the scene to show Trump was directly involved.

Sen. Joe Manchin meets with Texas Dems and says he wants pared-down voting rights bill
Manchin, a key vote in the effort to pass federal voting rights legislation, said he and a group of Texas House Democrats, who left their state in a dramatic effort to block restrictive voting bills, have come to a “total agreement” on what they want, which is “basically to protect voting rights.”

16 members of Florida white supremacist gang charged in sweeping indictment
The group called the Unforgiven required its members to study “Aryan Philosophy” and carry out acts of extreme violence, the indictment says.





Today’s Action: End the lethal strikes program!

In late June, 113 organizations around the world sent a joint letter to President Biden asking him to end the lethal strikes program outside of recognized battlefields, including through the use of drones.

Amnesty International called the lethal strikes program “a centerpiece of the United States’ forever wars,” one that “has exacted an appalling toll on Muslim, Brown, and Black communities in multiple parts of the world.” They added, “Twenty years into a war-based approach that has undermined and violated fundamental rights, we urge you to abandon it and embrace an approach that advances our collective human security.”

The 113 signatories are calling for an end to military force as a first resort, and divestment of those extraordinary defense funds to critical issues like climate change.

Write President Biden and tell him you stand behind the organizations calling for the end of the lethal strikes program, which has caused countless civilian deaths and unprecedented destruction abroad.

Biden has stated that he wants to end forever wars during his presidency. While lethal strikes have already significantly decreased, the organizations listed in the letter deserve our unwavering support in demanding a firm, permanent end to the lethal strikes program.

The immediate use of force in areas with bystanders and critical infrastructure is more than inhumane and the threshold for what constitutes such military action must be raised immediately. The Biden administration’s focus should be on repairing our infrastructure, rebuilding our economy, and fighting against climate change — not turning more civilians into casualties of war.

Write President Biden and demand an outspoken promise to end the use of lethal strikes outside of recognized battlefields!

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