Cops arrest Black reporter on live TV


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Tell Twitter to fact-check ALL of Trump’s tweets!


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Cops arrest Black reporter on live TV while covering Minneapolis protests

CNN’s Omar Jimenez and two members of his crew were arrested as the camera kept rolling. Another CNN reporter in the same area — who is white — was not detained.

Take Action: Demand justice for George Floyd! Another Black man murdered by police!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump finally called out to his face for lying about voter fraud

The president was taken to task for continuing to promote bogus claims of election fraud.

Take Action: Tell states to reject Trump’s voter fraud lies and institute vote-by-mail IMMEDIATELY!

Check out this week’s episode: Exclusive audio: Inside a Minneapolis jail, police target people of color

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Twitter places warning on new Trump post, saying tweet glorifies violence
The president called the protesters “THUGS” and threatened to have looters shot in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.

White wrestling coach sparks outrage after recreating George Floyd murder to exonerate cop
The high school coach posed flippantly on the ground, smiling, and called the media a “race baiting machine.”

Take Action: Help fight hate in your own community. Read the SPLC’s guide to the ten ways you can make difference!

Trump shares video saying “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat”
The president’s partisan promotion took a turn for the dangerous with the sharing of a shocking video.

Trump signs social media executive order in retaliation against Twitter for fact-checking him
The president abused his office in an effort to continue lying to the American people without consequence.

Election year is here!

OD Action partner: Say goodbye to Trump forever with gear that tells him how you really feel.

Republican group turns on Mitch McConnell with powerful new ad
The Lincoln Project is using highly targeted ad buys to frustrate the president’s re-election chances and attack his senior allies in the Republican party

Fox News host: Trump’s war on social media companies based on “an outright lie”
Neil Cavuto goes after the president again, noting he was fact-checked by Twitter “because he was wrong.”




Yes. Seriously.

Today’s Action: Write letters NOW to get out the vote in November


We are now five months away from the end of the Trump presidency…IF we put in the hard work to achieve that dream.

Historically, at best, about 60% of eligible Americans turn out to vote during presidential election years. That missing 40% chooses not to show up for a variety of reasons – but at least some of them would with a bit of encouragement that their voices actually do matter.

Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 by 2.9 million votes – but he won enough votes in enough key states to win the electoral college. With high turnout expected from Republicans, we must focus our efforts on turning those purple states blue.

Use Vote Forward to write letters to Democratic voters in key swing states to help Get Out The Vote this November – then mark your calendar to mail the letters on October 27th. Make a goal to add 40+ letters to your pile each month!

There are millions of registered Democratic voters in swing states that we must reach between now and November if we want to push that progressive turnout percentage to an all-time high. But if we try to get to them all in the last weekend before Election Day, we physically could not succeed.

Slow-but-steady wins the race. Writing letters and stockpiling them over the next nine months is one of the best ways to make high-impact, personal contact with other voters, especially if you live in a safely blue (or impossibly red) area.

We have the votes to defeat Trump. Now is the time to ensure we have them in the right places.

Get Out The Vote and defeat Trump by writing letters to Democratic voters in key swing states. Then, be sure to mail the letters on October 27th. Committing to writing 40+ letters a month means personally contacting at least 200 voters this November!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Twitter to fact-check ALL of Trump’s tweets, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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