Cops killed a man at his home and STILL have jobs

Fire Cops Who Shot Unarmed Black Man 20 Times in His Own Backyard!


22-year-old Stephon Clark was holding only his cell phone when he was shot and killed by two Sacramento police officers. Together, they shot Stephon twenty times.

An autopsy report shows Stephon was struck 8 times — mostly in the back, suggesting he wasn’t a threat to the officers when he was fatally shot.

This has to stop now. Add your name to demand the two police officers face consequences for the reckless abuse of power that killed this innocent young man.

The two officers were searching for someone who was reportedly breaking car windows in the neighborhood. The only description of the suspect was that he was wearing a black hoodie and dark pants. A Sheriff’s Department helicopter overhead told the police that they had seen someone matching the suspect’s description break a window to a house with a toolbar and directed them to Stephon.

But Stephon was in his own backyard, completely unarmed, and no toolbar was ever found. But that didn’t stop them from killing him.

For too long, police have gotten away with shooting first and asking questions later, especially with black and brown men. We cannot stand back while police get away with using excessive, and often times fatal, force anymore.

Please join in demanding that Police Chief Daniel Hahn fire the two officers involved for using unnecessary deadly force and killing Stephon Clark at his own home NOW!


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