Demand the debate commission cut Trump’s mic at the next debate

The first presidential debate was a complete catastrophe. Trump, knowing he is polling poorly, entered the arena with one desperate goal: to bully, barrage, and interrupt Joe Biden as much as possible so as to keep him from speaking at all. 

The actual purpose of the event, to allow both candidates to communicate with the American people, was left bloodied and abandoned within minutes as even the Fox News moderator repeatedly failed to reign in Trump in his worst state.

Add your name to demand the Commission on Presidential Debates turn off Trump’s mic when he interrupts at remaining debates.

Trump has spent four years with his every whim being pandered to by White House cronies and GOP Congressional yesmen. Actually, not just four years – his entire life. Which is why, when he doesn’t get his way, he disintegrates so quickly into a screaming toddler.

Trump repeatedly broke the rules his campaign team agreed to and we were all punished for it. So if Trump can’t follow the rules, the debate commission needs to change them.

Cut his mic when he won’t shut up.

Sign here to tell the Commission on Presidential Debates to mute Trump at the remaining debates when he breaks the rules.


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