Damning Trump call found in investigator’s trash

Tell Ted Cruz to resign for leaving the country when his constituents needed help most!


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Top Stories for March 15:

Recording of latest damning Trump call found in trash folder on Georgia investigator’s device

The December recording showed the disgraced ex-president’s extraordinary efforts to steal the election, and people are wondering how Georgia’s lead investigator left it in the trash.

Take Action: Add your name to demand Trump and his network be prosecuted for their crimes.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Chris Wallace calls out Republican to his face for lying about relief package

Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy feebly tried to trash Biden’s historic relief package, but thanks to Trump’s disastrous handling of the pandemic we are now mired in a public health crisis, a jobs crisis, and an economic crisis that clearly required Democrats to go big.

Take Action: Add your name to demand a wealth tax so the super rich finally pay their fair share!

Jen Psaki DISMANTLES GOP attempt to steal credit for relief plan

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This is epic.

Stacey Abrams hammers Georgia GOP voter suppression legislation as racist “redux of Jim Crow”
Abrams’ stark warning about Georgia’s new election bill being racist is shining a spotlight on a nationwide battle over whose voices will be heard at the ballot box, as Republicans around the country try to suppress voting rights.

Take Action: Restore voting rights with the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act!

25% of Members of Congress reportedly refusing vaccine
Uncertainty about why only 75% of the House is confirmed as vaccinated against the virus is fueling a debate about when the chamber can safely return to its normal rules of operation.

Deb Haaland set to become first Native American cabinet member

The Senate is slated to vote on Monday to confirm Deb Haaland as President Biden’s Interior secretary, a historic victory for an alliance of progressives and Indigenous leaders who campaigned to elevate one of their own to a powerful federal seat that oversees natural resources, public lands and Indian affairs.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to declare climate change a national emergency

Dr. Fauci to Trump: Urge your followers to get vaccinated like you did
Trump, who was privately vaccinated while still in office in January, was absent when four other ex-presidents — Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter — appeared last week in a public service announcement for the vaccination.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Trump’s humanitarian crisis at the border

American Refugee: Every night a migrant dies of thirst attempting to cross the Texas backcountry brush. Every day one man fights back. LISTEN.

Pro-Trump scam PAC returns with a vengeance
The disgraced ex-president may be gone, but the groups making money off of him are not.

North Carolina police find undetonated devices near church
Police in Brevard, North Carolina evacuated local businesses Sunday after they found several suspected incendiary devices near a Baptist church and a community services building.

Facebook to label vaccine posts to combat virus misinformation

Women and Black artists rule as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé break records at Grammys
The pandemic-restrained Grammys were a mostly female-fronted affair, with wins for Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift



Yes. Seriously?


Today’s Action: Protect Georgia’s Black voters – no corporate sponsorship of voter suppression!

Now that President Biden’s American Rescue Plan has become law with zero GOP votes, despite the support of a majority of Republican voters, Republicans see one path to maintaining electoral relevance: voter suppression.

It’s a tired, anti-democratic, racist strategy that has been thoroughly embraced by Republicans at the state level, and it’s time for their corporate backers, who claim to love democracy and support Black rights, to put a stop to it.

Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, UPS, and AFLAC all have made significant financial contributions to the GOP Georgia lawmakers who are sponsoring these bills, and if they pull their support, the bills will die

The incredible Black activists who organized their communities for the November election need nationwide support in keeping Georgia’s Black votes protected – it’s time to jump back into text banking!

Contact these corporations using Black Voters Matter’s script and demand they divest from racist, antidemocratic legislators! 

Two egregious bills in particular are expected to pass (HB 531 and SB 241). Combined, these two would require photo IDs for absentee ballots – or eliminate no-excuse absentee voting entirely – cut weekend voting hours, and reduce ballot drop boxes. In other words, the GOP is strategically cutting all of the legal and fraud-free routes Black voters used to defeat Trump and flip the Senate.

Corporations in Georgia have a choice: stay silent and allow the return of Jim Crow era policies…or actually use their financial influence to protect Georgia’s voters.

Let’s ensure they choose wisely.

Use the Black Voters Matter script to tell Georgia’s biggest corporations to stand AGAINST voter suppression!

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