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Top Stories for June 19:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw ambushed by MAGA mob in his home state

The Republican congressman was ambushed at a GOP event by the same right-wing radicals that his party has been dog whistling for years.

Take Action: Demand Congress pass the bill to stop Republicans from trying to overturn ANOTHER presidential election!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jamie Raskin smacks Trump down over pardon promise

The Maryland Democrat called the disgraced ex-president’s pledge to commit corruption if he’s reelected a “gratuitous and scandalous injection of politics into the presidential pardon power.”

Take Action: Expel the congressmen who tried to get Trump pardons for their role in Jan. 6th!

Amy Weirich is one of the cruelest, Trumpiest district attorneys in the country — and she represents a Biden district!

OD Action partner: Under Weirich, crime has soared and the police get away with murder. She even pushes to execute the mentally disabled! A Harvard study of every district in the country found her to be “the worst DA in the country.” Can you chip in to help civil rights lawyer Steve Mulroy flip a red seat blue?

GOP congressional candidate says Black Americans are “held hungry and dumb”
Notorious racist Carl Paladino, who STILL has the support of Republican leadership in his upstate New York race to become a US congressman, also said African Americans are “conditioned” to vote for Democrats and “you can’t teach them differently.”

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Equal Rights Amendment NOW!

Herschel Walker publicly admits he has four kids after damning report
The Daily Beast blew the lid off the Republican senatorial candidate’s undisclosed children last week, and Saturday Walker publicly acknowledged them for the first time in the middle of a pathetically futile response.

Take Action: Demand Herschel Walker tell us if he’s our dad!

Kentucky orthodontist roasts Mitch McConnell for his opposition to keeping kids safe in schools

Dr. Mark Perelmuter took his senior senator to task for his deadly hypocrisy on guns, reminding the world that the best dads are also clever Democrats.

Uvalde police never attempted to open classroom doors to find shooter
San Antonio Express-News has learned of troubling surveillance video that purportedly shows cops navigating hallways inside Robb Elementary School passing door after door without trying to open any of them.

Take Action: Tell the Senate: Pass red flag laws to take guns away from potential mass shooters!

January 6 Committee SINKS Trump with brilliant tactic

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: WOW.

Local news airs farcical segment about cops being “exposed to fentanyl”
A so-called investigative reporter aired the shameful segment without consulting a single toxicology expert in just the latest example of the “copaganda” media accepting police narratives without scrutiny.

Lauren Boebert wants infrastructure funds she voted against
The Colorado Trump loyalist voted to kill President Biden’s landmark Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, at the time calling the legislation “wasteful” and “garbage.” Now she wants a piece for her constituents back home.

CDC formally approves COVID-19 vaccine for children under 5
A panel of expert advisors at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have voted unanimously to strongly recommend kids and babies as young as 6 months old receive the vaccine, which will be available as soon as Tuesday.

Ford sued for allegedly dumping “toxic sludge” on Native American land
New Jersey state officials are investigating the iconic carmaker for contaminating hundreds of acres of land home to a large population of Ramapough Lenape people.


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