Defense Sec. debunks Trump’s excuse for Iran attack


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Trump’s CDC banned “diverse,” “fetus,” and “science-based” from studies. Demand it reverse the anti-science propaganda!


Today’s Top Stories:

Defense Sec. refuses to provide evidence for Trump’s claims of 4 embassies threatened by Iran

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper evaded questions about intelligence evidence of the president’s claims in favor of assuring Trump that he agreed with his “beliefs” about Iran.

Take Action: Tell Congress to defund Trump’s march to war with Iran — NOW!

“When he calls someone crazy, he knows that he is”: Pelosi hits back at Trump after derisive tweets
The House Speaker dismissed the president’s social media taunts as a mere projection of his own deranged psyche.

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Check out this week’s episode: The truth behind Trump’s infantile aggression against Iran

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Chris Wallace calls out top Trump official for lying about Iran moves

Fox News has no choice but to expose Trump’s transparent lies.

Take Action: Stop Trump’s threat to destroy cultural heritage sites. It’s a war crime and it’s WRONG!

Trump authorized Soleimani’s killing 7 months ago, with conditions
The timing raises new questions about the Trump administration’s stated justification for taking out the top Iranian general.

Trump brags about serving up American troops to Saudi Arabia for nothing more than cash
Conservative Rep. Justin Amash, who was a Republican until recently, responded to Trump’s remarks, saying, “He sells troops”

I’m spending all my money to get rid of Trump’: Michael Bloomberg
The presidential candidate and former NYC Mayor says that whether or not he gets the nomination, Trump’s opponent will have $1 billion of his backing.

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Trump Sunday morning tweet roundup: Read ’em and weep
The president focused on attacking Democrats for his impeachment and praising himself for his attacks on Iran in a flurry of social media posts.

Pelosi warns senators will ‘pay a price’ if impeachment witnesses are blocked
Trump took the bait and called for witnesses, even as he and his tream try to block all testimony.

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Thousands of Iranian protesters hit streets condemning leaders over downed plane
The fatal error is casusing major unrest on the streets of Tehran.


Today’s Action: Tell the Senate to block Trump’s ability to wage war with Iran

In the wake of the assassination of Iran’s military leader, General Qasem Soleimani, the House has passed legislation to block Trump from plunging us into war unfettered by Congress – and it passed with a handful of Republicans joining the Democratic majority. The vote now moves to the Senate.

When President Trump betrayed the world by reneging on America’s commitment to the Iran nuclear deal, global onlookers wondered what options were left besides war. The assassination of Iran’s military leader, General Qasem Soleimani, is itself being called an act of war by allies and adversaries alike. And yet, while the Constitution gives Congress — NOT the president — the power to declare war, the highest ranking Congressional Democrats were not even aware, much less consulted, due to Trump’s exploitation of the Bush era Authorization for Use of Military Force Act (AUMF).

Contact your Senators and demand they support both S.J.Res.63 to block Trump from waging war with Iran before it starts AND a repeal of the AUMF!

Republicans are declaring that General Soleimani was a murderer who deserved to be killed. That is beside the point. What about the tens of thousands (or more!) who would certainly be killed in yet another open-ended U.S.-led war overseas. What do they deserve?

More than a century later, no one debates whether or not Archduke Ferdinand deserved to die, because we know that his assassination was the instigation for plunging the world into years of brutal war. Millions died as a result. Actions have consequences, and if the Trump regime refuses to consider those consequences, it’s time for Congress to take back its Constitutional power to declare war — and stop it.

Call (202.224.3121) or email your Senators today and tell them to support the repeal of the AUMF and vote for S.J.Res.63 to stop Trump’s deadly march to an entirely avoidable war with Iran.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to demand Trump’s CDC reverse the anti-science ban on important terms, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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