Tell Congress to defund the office of Trump’s corrupt Attorney General Barr!

Attorney General William Barr has been Trump’s crooked sidekick since 2019, when Barr took over after Jeff Sessions was forced out for recusing himself from the Russia investigation. Barr learned from Sessions that to keep his job, he needed to do whatever the president asked of him no matter how corrupt.

The AG is the lawyer for the United States — for us, not Donald Trump. Add your name to tell Congress to cut off funding for Barr’s office. If he’s going to act as Trump’s personal attorney, Trump can pay him himself.

When Trump’s longtime friend and associate Roger Stone had been recommended a 9-year prison sentence for witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and lying to Congress to cover up Trump’s crimes Barr overruled the recommendation, prompting the four prosecutors working on his case quit in protest. Why? How? Trump tweeted and Barr answered.

Barr’s list of interfering at Trump’s request goes on. Shortly after taking his job, he passed his big first test, purposefully misleading Congress and the American public about the damning findings in the Mueller Report in order to protect Trump. Remember that? It was pretty huge.

Barr also gunned to get Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn’s sentence shortened (after lying to the FBI), and fired DoJ prosecutor Jessie Liu who angered Trump for not going after his nemesis Andrew McCabe (who investigated Trump’s connection to Russia).

We can’t vote Barr out. But we can shut him down and shed light on all he’s done.

Add your name to tell Congress to cut off funding to Barr’s office. We refuse to pay for Trump’s personal attorney with our tax dollars!


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