Charge Trump’s Postmaster General for delaying the mail, a federal offense

Trump installed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in June, five months before our biggest election-by-mail. And that’s no coincidence. DeJoy is a huge Trump donor who wants to see Trump reelected by any means necessary…including sabotaging USPS from within to delay mail-in ballots.

DeJoy is taking no chances. He has eliminated overtime, ensuring postal workers cannot stay late when an office has an abundance of mail to deliver…which is standard, now that DeJoy has also shortened location hours, removed hundreds of mail sorting machines, and abruptly reassigned over 20 executives. He’s threatened to close entire USPS locations in the near future as well.

Add your name to tell Members of Congress to charge Louis DeJoy for disrupting our national mail service – a Constitutionally protected right.

We’ve got warnings from all over the country: USPS administrators telling us they won’t be able to deliver voter ballots for the November 3 election on time, or turn them around quickly enough to be counted. We’ve already seen hints of the catastrophe to come, in multiple primary elections that left crates of ballots uncounted or ballots that never arrived to begin with.

Louis DeJoy is a criminal, acting on another criminal’s orders. Congress must take action.

Sign here to tell Members of Congress to charge and remove Louis DeJoy as Postmaster General for intentionally disrupting and destroying USPS.


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