Demand Congress Fully Restore Children’s Health Funding (CHIP)

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides health coverage to 9 million low-income children and pregnant women around the country. But the Republican Congress allowed CHIP funding to lapse in September in a devious attempt to force Democrats to choose between children’s healthcare and key provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Republicans in Congress say they are willing to fund CHIP, which is no surprise as the program is wildly popular and bipartisan. But the GOP’s proposed source of funding for CHIP is cutting Medicare, eradicating vital ACA public health programs used by 27 million Americans, and dropping 700,000 children and pregnant mothers off of CHIP each year through reduced premium payment grace periods.

A ‘solution’ that hurts at least as many people as it helps isn’t a real solution — and we will not stand for it.

Contact your Members of Congress at 202.224.3121 and demand they fund the CHIP program without delay.

With 44 states expected to run out of funding by winter’s end, time is running out for millions of children. Republicans must work with Democrats to find a real solution — one that does not eliminate healthcare for over 27 million in need.

Call 202.224.3121 or email your Members of Congress and tell them millions of children are depending on them to do the right thing — and so are you.