Demand Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and the Florida GOP stop perpetuating their dangerous voter fraud myth

As more and more legal votes are counted in Florida, cutting into the GOP’s leads, the Sunshine State’s top Republicans – Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Rick Scott – have opted to follow Trump’s lead and promote baseless conspiracy theories alleging voter fraud.

Both Rubio and Scott have taken to social media and the airwaves decrying the “spontaneous appearance” of votes for Democrats, claiming that “Democrat lawyers” have descended upon the state in an effort to “steal” the election.

That is, however, completely untrue.

Even the Republican-appointed Secretary of State, Ken Detzner, admitted there was no voter fraud and Broward County Chief Judge Jack Tuter demanded that the misleading and inflammatory rhetoric be ramped down.

That hasn’t stopped Trump, however, from throwing his usual temper tantrums on Twitter, complaining that the results from Election Night are diverging from the actual tallies now that all of the votes are being counted. It’s little surprise, then, that Rubio and Scott would amplify his qualms, hoping only to sow distrust in the electoral process in a desperate attempt to throw the results into question and try to hold onto power.

Enough is enough. We demand that these elected officials immediately end their scheme to undermine the integrity of our election and allow this process to continue playing out legally and fairly so that every last eligible vote is counted. Just because Republicans don’t like the results does not mean that they get to decide whether or not they will be counted.

Our votes will be counted in this country, whether Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott like it or not.


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