Demand the impeachment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Yes, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court, but the fact is that he is as illegitimate a Justice as Donald Trump is a President.

Prior to his confirmation, Brett Kavanaugh lied repeatedly under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He denied corroborated reports of sexual assault against Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. He lied about his drinking habits as a student. He pretended that a yearbook entry denoting him a “Renate Alumnius,” referring to the domination of the female student of the same name, was instead a reference to his friendship with her. He tried to pass off the term “Devil’s Triangle,” a sexual act in which two males have sex with one female, as a harmless drinking game, and the term “boofing” as “flatulation,” when it refers to the anal consumption of alcohol.

Even before accusations of sexual assault came to light, Kavanaugh was found to have lied under oath about his knowledge of stolen Congressional emails and more.

The lies alone are disqualifying enough, let alone what the content of those lies says about his character and fitness to sit on the highest court in the land.

Even the American Bar Association is currently reevaluating his rating of “well qualified,” citing his temperament during the Senate Judiciary Hearing.

Brett Kavanaugh delegitimizes the Supreme Court, and as long as he renders decisions, this once-respected and neutral institution will be perpetually stained by partisan politics. This disastrous result must be corrected if Americans are to ever trust the judiciary as a check to the other two branches of government.

If impeached, Kavanaugh would be only the second Justice to suffer the fate, after Samuel Chase in 1805. Indeed, no SCOTUS Justice over the last 200 years has been viewed as unfavorably as Brett Kavanaugh, and none more deserving of such consequences.

We, the undersigned, demand that the United States Senate heed the will of the American people, restore faith in the United States Supreme Court, and move to bring impeachment charges against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


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