Demand Trump fire the white supremacists in the White House

During President Trump’s first year in office racial tensions, overt displays of bigotry, and violent hate crimes have skyrocketed. It’s no coincidence.

Not only has this president escalated his own racist rhetoric from dog whistle to bull horn, he has placed some of America’s most notorious white supremacists into positions of immense power.

White supremacists have no business in the Oval Office, and we demand they be fired.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is Trump’s highest law enforcement official, but his racist past was so extreme his judicial nomination was rejected in the 1980’s. As AG, he has continued to vilify minorities and turned a blind eye to white terrorists.

His one-time right-hand, Stephen Miller is now a top aid to the president, engineering some of Trump’s most racist policies, including DACA’s demise and the Muslim ban —even arguing the Statue of Liberty is anti-immigrant.

Add your name to demand Trump fire his white supremacist goons. Their extreme bigotry has no place in our government.


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